About Maxim Shen

Maxim Shen (沈中晨, Chinese name) born in Shanghai, China. I moved to Chicago in 2007. I received my Master Degree in Computer Science from University of Chicago in 2014, the other Master Degree in Finance from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2009, and Bachelor Degree in Biological Science from Shanghai University in 2007. Combined my professional and educational background, my best interests are:

1) Applying up-to-date trading technology to implement and boost trading algorithm performance, trading analysis and research topics, etc.
2) Current online adversting industry topics, such as real time bidding, AdWords, AdSense, AdExchange, etc
3) Antiques from Worldwide to the World Wide. Find his store on AntiqueWorldRoad
4) Hackrank challenges including Algorithm, Data Structures, Java, Python, .NET, Bash etc.

You can contact me at maximszc@gmail.com

Maxim Shen

Maxim Shen

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